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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Theoretical Physics Q and A site progress

The proposed Theoretical Physics stack exchange site has finished its definition phase and has now entered a commitment phase. What this means is that we need as many physicists as possible to agree (by signing up here) to participate in the beta and hopefully ask or answer 10 questions in the first 3 months. This shouldn't be a huge time commitment, but it is really important to get as many research physicists as possible early on. The reason for this is that the democratic nature of Stack Exchange sites means that the direction of the site is set by the participants. Obviously there are a lot more people interested in some aspect of theoretical physics than there are people who have some level of expertise in the field, and so it is important to get as many TP grad students, postdocs and faculty involved at an early stage to insure that the site becomes a TP version of MathOverflow and CSTheory, rather than becoming a site for people to post their pet crackpot theories or discuss pop science topics.

To help convince you to sign up, below are a list of the top 5 examples of both on-topic and off-topic questions chosen during the definition phase.

  1. Are there entangled states which do not violate any Bell inequality?
  2. Are XXZ spinchains with uniform couplings exactly solvable?
  3. Has [specific toy model] been studied in the literature?
  4. What are the justifying foundations of statistical mechanics without appealing to the ergodic hypothesis?
  5. Within Twistor String Theory (ala Within), what is currently seen as the significance of the superconformal algebra realized on supertwistor space?
  1. Why is the sky blue during the day, red during sunrise and sunset and black at night?
  2. I have found an error in general relativity/quantum mechanics/the second law of thermodynamics. Can someone help me work out the maths?
  3. Is Dr. Quantum's Double Slit Experiment video scientifically accurate?
  4. Why do hot things glow?
  5. What is the current thinking about Lisi's "Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything"?


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